If you are dreaming of furthering your studies and pursuing the career or promotion you’ve always wanted, we have a financial solution that could make this a reality for you.


Most people are worried about how they would pay for their studies and they get anxious thinking that they need all the money upfront. Well, no need to stress any longer. Study Loan SA has partnered up with a group of Distance Learning Colleges that offer study loans with affordable monthly payment schedules.


These Partner Colleges offer you great service and benefits, so if you are serious about studying, we recommend that you apply for a study loan at one of our Partner Colleges today.


How would this work?


  • Our Partner Colleges offer Distance Learning Courses and you would be studying from home in your free time. This means that you won’t attend any classes and can still have a full-time job while furthering your studies.
  • You can apply for a study loan at any of our Partner Colleges and they will contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Once your study loan is approved, you will receive a monthly payment schedule and you can start your studies immediately. This means that you can “Pay as you Study” and repay your study loan in affordable monthly payments.


If you are unsure about which career you want to pursue? Feel free to visit our partners at Career Test for a wide variety of career and personality tests to help you make the best choice for you future.


Furthering your studies can change your life – all of us at Study Loan SA wish you the very best with reaching your educational goals. We know that you can do it!


Now you have furthered your studies at Study SA Loan and passed them well.  Now your next step is getting a job in order to re-pay the study loans.  Find out of how you can be helped by clicking on the image.