The ICB Student portal is a useful and informative site. You can do a lot of things there to help you on the path of your future. It is a central location to start your ICB Exams registration. The best part is that everything you need is all in one place, making it very easy to find what you need!

What is the Student Portal and how does it work?

The student portal is the home base for most things student-related. You can do a lot on this page regarding your life as a student. Besides being a great place to do your registration with the ICB, it can also act as a hub. It can connect you to many other useful links and sites, like  ICB Exams, schedules, and results. The portal works by registering you on the ICB database, giving you a reference number. You can choose your own username and password to login to the site. You also need to enter the email address you what to be communicated with. This allows the ICB and your training provider (like Skills Academy or TWP Academy) to provide you with information regarding your studies. If you happen to lose your password, there is an easy way to recover it again. The Student portal has a password recovery process to make it hassle-free. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step process and remember your personal info (ID Number, email). Your password will then be sent to your email or your phone number.

How can the Student portal help me with the ICB Exams?

Since the portal collects everything you need in one place, it makes it easy to finish your qualification! On the student portal itself, you can not only find exam schedules and results, but you can also register the location you wish to write it. It provides you with an easy-to-access location with all the info you need. You can also get information on how the ICB exams work, what to do if you miss your exam, and how it works for distance learners.

What other uses does the Student portal have?

Besides bringing the exam info to your fingertips, the Student portal also has a bunch of other uses. It brings you in contact with your Institution, lecturers and even other students. This especially can be helpful to home study students who cannot attend regular classes. The portal also makes it possible to pay your ICB yearly fees, as well as ordering certificate reprints. This gives you a sense of relief if you happen to lose the original certificate. You can also edit your personal details on the Portal if anything should change, like your address or contact info.

Can distance learners use the portal?

Like mentioned earlier, the Student Portal is an awesome tool for distance learners. It brings the classroom closer to them, while also giving them any info they might need. The portal also helps them to schedule their ICB exams since it works differently for them. This is also the place home study students can use to change or edit their details with the ICB. It works exactly the same for them as for regular students. This removes the divide between the different student groups, bringing them closer and allowing them to interact with each other. The social aspect of studying can also be helpful to distance learners. There are groups like Together We Pass, which brings people together in a digital way. It is a virtual study group of students and lecturers, allowing questions to be answered.   So the Student Portal is an integral part of life as an ICB student. It can be like air currents, lifting you up and away!   Last updated: 15 April 2019