Paying fees is an unavoidable part of studying. Fortunately, when it comes to paying your fees for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) it has been made much easier. You can simply use the ICB Learner Portal to make your payments online.

What is the ICB Learner Portal?

The ICB Learner Portal is an online platform created by the ICB. It allows their students to manage all the various aspects of their studies from a single point.  Using the portal students are able to register for courses, register for exams, make payments, and even check their results.  

How to Access the ICB Learner Portal

If you go to the ICB Learner Portal page you can register on the portal as an ICB student if you aren’t already. Clicking on the “Register” button at the top will take you to a series of pages where you will fill in various personal details. Once you have filled in all of the necessary information you can submit the form. You will then be a registered ICB student. If you are already an ICB student, you can simply fill in a few details and your ICB reference number and you will get access to the portal.  

Using the ICB Learner Portal

Once you are on the portal you can click on the “Register for course” or “Enter assessment” tabs. On the “Register for course” page you can select any one of the five ICB study programmes and click the “Register” button. Next, you will need to select a training provider from the list that appears. Doing so will officially make you a registered ICB student. If you go to the “Enter assessment” page you will be able to select the subjects you wish to register for exams for. Once you select the subject you will need to select the venue where you want to write your exam. You can find a full list of venues on the ICB webpage. After you choose your venue, you will see several dates when you can write your exams. Choose the date that is best for you. On the right-hand side of the page, you will see a total amount that you need to pay. This amount includes your ICB registration fee. As you add more subjects your total will go up.  

Using the Portal to pay Your Fees

The ICB Learner portal allows you to pay for your ICB registration and for your exam entry fees. When you are ready to pay you can click on the “checkout” button or you can click on the “Order products” tab. You will need to fill in your billing details and click “submit”. On the next page, you need to choose your method of payment. The ICB lets you pay using one of three methods. You can pay using a credit card, SnapScan, or EFT. Once you have chosen your payment method you can just click submit. You will be taken to a final page to confirm that your details are all correct. Click submit and you are done. There you go. Your ICB fees have just been paid. It’s as simple as that!   Last Updated: April 12, 2019